Dark Magic Society's Rules and Regulations

  Dark Magic is a private social club and therefore is not open to the general public.   

Dark Magic's membership is restricted to open minded hedonistic couples, single ladies and single gentlemen. 

Our members come in many different ages, sizes, backgrounds, sexual orientations, ethnicity, etc. NO we do not provide pictures of our members. We respect our members privacy!   

To be considered for membership, you must be 21 and over. When you request membership, you are representing that you have read and have agreed to abide by Dark Magic's rules listed below.   Do as you will as long as it harms none. Mutual chemistry and consent required for all interactions. 

Do not use your phone nor any other device to take pictures or recordings once you have entered Dark Magic.    

It is understood and agreed upon irrevocably that Dark Magic's management has the right to offer, grant and/or refuse, suspend and/or revoke your membership without notice or explanation at any given moment.   

Members agree not disclose, in whole or in part, the identities of any other member(s) of Dark Magic.   

Use of cell phones are allowed in the designated areas only. Keep them put away in all of the play rooms.   

BYOB. Drink responsibly. Members that are too intoxicated for social graces will be asked to leave. No illegal drugs or other substances allowed.   

There is zero tolerance policy of members behaving aggressively (outside of mutually consented scenes), predatorily, stalkerishly, or displaying any other type of offensive behavior. 

Members are required to ask permission before engaging in any touch. A verbal yes is required for consent. No response does not equal consent. If consent is not given, please walk away from the member until they engage with you so as not to put undue pressure upon our members.   

SEX ISN'T SAFE! let me repeat... SEX IS NOT SAFE! one more time SEX IS NOT SAFE! Monogamy, recent test results, condoms & gloves do not mean that you will not catch an STD. HPV and herpes can be transmitted with a condom. Herpes do not show up on a test result unless the virus is active AT THE MOMENT OF TESTING. HEAR ME? SEX IS NOT SAFE! The best we can do as a society is to educate ourselves. The best we can do is to have safer sex. The best we can do is be honest and disclose any issues with our potential and current partners. Members are aware of the risks of contacting sexually transmitted diseases, and expressly and in perpetuity agree to assume any and all risks of contacting any sexually transmitted disease while attending any Dark Magic's private event. Members also agree to hereby indemnify and hold Dark Magic Society, the property owner, representatives and/or affliates harmless, in perpetuity, against any and all such claims asserted now, or in the future.